Enexis Netbeheer chooses Omexom for the electrical engineering of modular construction

Two-year agreement

Enexis Netbeheer and Omexom have reached agreement on the secondary engineering of the modular construction in the North region. Omexom received the highest score for its tender offer and is very pleased to be chosen to perform the assignments specified in the agreement. The agreement is for a two-year period, which can be extended up to a maximum period of eight years. The intention is to work on approximately four locations per year.

Modular construction

Enexis Netbeheer wants construction of its sites to be faster, more efficient, and more consistent. To that end, they have selected modular construction as the solution. They chose a number of standardized panels that provide energy, safety, and control of transformer and medium voltage grids. They have been made to ensure that they are easy to link together, which reduces the time needed to fit them. Each one is also equipped with its own distribution of the electrical supply, meaning that they can work autonomously. This ensures that the central direct current distributor does not need to be modified. This new working method will be implemented at both existing and new Enexis Netbeheer sites.

Hilbrand Brands, business unit manager at Omexom en Hendrik Donker, teammanager engineering at Enexis Netbeheer

From left to right: Robert Koch, purchaser for Enexis Netbeheer; Hilbrand Brands, business unit manager at Omexom, Hendrik Donker, team manager of engineering at Enexis Netbeheer and Martin de Weerd, lead engineer at Omexom.