Transmission / Storage

Always energy at the right time

The energy market is in constant movement and en sustainable (renewable) energy sources (such as sun and wind) play a more important role as an alternative to fossil fuels (such as coal and gas). And how can the demand for sustainable energy be adapted to the changing supply of remewable energy? In particular because of the fluctuating supply in the sustainable energy. To bridge the imbalance in the market of supply and demand energy storage and power management is essential for the energy networks.

Battery Storage, a total solution

Battery Storage can be a solution to save energy on the one hand, but also for energy supply to the market at fluctuating demand and supply. Omexom has the knowledge and expercienct to offer this as a total solution. From design, construction, installation and maintenance as well as the delivery of the necessary installations. Read more about battery storage in our AES reference.

Transmission / Storage

Advice, design, installation, integration and maintenance of connections for the transmission of electricity from power plants using voltage networks (220/380kV) and regional networks (110/150kV) to consumption areas.