We invest in long-term customer relationships. Therefore, we anticipate new technological opportunities and the innovations of our suppliers. For our customers, we design, build, and safely maintain smart, sustainable and innovative solutions. We guarantee them the most practical approach and one hundred percent quality. We always live up to our promise. We do this for customers such as TenneT, HTM, RET, Alliander and Delta.

Thousands of specialists, such as engineers for high and medium voltage, and other disciplines, including structural engineers and project managers work within our international Omexom network. Our network is becoming increasingly important. This is due to the emergence of new methods for the generation, storage, transformation, transmission and distribution of electricity. These developments will continue in an enhanced manner and often cross borders. There is also a growing need for smarter solutions in the grid. We want to play a leading role in all these developments. In summary: design, build & maintain for the entire electricity chain. Now and in the future.


Omexom has expertise in building and installing primary and secondary installations for power plants, connecting wind turbines to power grids, substations, traction stations and the installation of distribution systems. We do this based on our own designs or the designs of our clients.

Proper preparation is the key to success

First of all, a proper preparation consists of a thorough coordination to verify whether there is a match between the wishes of our client and our expertise in building and realising the solution. Clarity and transparency in the project approach, planning, milestones and the desired result.  Our project managers are trained for this purpose and have full responsibility and the mandate to bring it to a proper conclusion. Our project managers work on the basis of self-developed project management tools, but also, for example, on the basis of Prince2 principles.

Within this preparation, consideration is not only given to the planning, but also to the composition of the appropriate work packages for the implementation and design of the project sites.  We will, of course, ensure that the right people with the appropriate certifications are made available, whether this concerns workers with a Stipel certification or if specific customer training should be followed prior to the project. Safety is paramount in our way of working.

Building phase

Projects may include civil engineering works or the building and installation of primary and secondary systems. Our supervisors ensure that all construction work is carried out in a high-quality and high-grade manner, including the (pre-) commissioning phase. Testing is essential before the project can be transferred to the client for commissioning.

Test phase

With regard to the test phase of the project, Omexom has broad expertise in the performance of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the equipment supplied by us as well as in the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) on the systems supplied by us.

QA/QC part of the project approach

During the project, our quality experts are continuously monitoring whether the functional requirements of the specifications are met.


Can we imagine where we would be without the Internet and without electricity? These have become crucial for business operations, not to mention the fact that they are the primary necessities for production in Western Europe. On the other hand, the complexity and technology are also increasing enormously. How can we keep these key services available at affordable cost? The supply of energy is undergoing many technical changes, such as alternative generation and smart grids. Quite a lot of changes have already been implemented in the laws and legislation, and they will continue to change in the future. Not always all that easy to deal with, since most installations are over 40 years old. Omexom has the necessary managerial and technical expertise to provide clients with the assistance they need. This allows the customer to fully focus on its core business.

The correct choices

Maintenance already starts with the construction of or modifications to infrastructure and installations. By making the correct choices right from the start (Capital Expenditure), money can be saved on the annual recurring maintenance costs (Operating Expenditure). Omexom uses RAMS (Reliability Availability, Maintainability, Safety) studies and other means to determine the optimal situation. The right choices are made in consultation with the customer, allowing them to control the maintenance costs.

Maintenance Engineering

What maintenance is required in which situation? This is highly dependent on what is expected of the installations. Is availability as important as reliability? The installation will in any case need to do or deliver what it is expected to do or deliver beforehand. In principle, this should be based on an FMECA (Failure Mode Effect, Criticality Analysis) study. Omexom ensures the (continuous) inspection and analysis of all measurement results through a monitoring system. Constantly looking for the weakest link and monitoring the condition of the individual components provides insight, increases performance and improves reliability. Handling maintenance engineering this way allows one to become familiar with the installation and predict the behaviour of the installation in the future. These insights provide information necessary to be financially able to make the correct reservations and stay in control.

Expertise in maintenance

Our employees possess the qualifications required to responsibly perform work in this voltage environment. Omexom is in constant consultation with the Transport Service Organisation and the Regional Network Companies to test and possibly tighten the qualifications (BEI HS (Operation of high voltage electrical installations), Stipel PCE (personal certification for electricity workers) and KEB (electrical safety framework document). Omexom obviously has the hierarchical structure in place in accordance with NEN3840, which allows it to assume the installation or work responsibility of the customers.