TAQA gas storage in Alkmaar

TAQA has been storing natural gas in an underground, empty gas field between Alkmaar and Bergen since 2014. The underground Gas Storage site Bergermeer has a storage capacity of 4.1 billion cubic metres which is equivalent to the average annual gas needs of 2.5 million Dutch households. The Peak Gas Installation of TAQA on Boekelermeer industrial estate in Alkmaar has been providing additional gas to the gas network very quickly during times of greatly increased demand since 1997, for example, during periods of frost. That is why this gas storage site is called a peak gas installation.

Already during the early stages, TAQA involved Omexom in the project as a consultant. Advice was given on the plans, the right choice of medium voltage connections in conjunction with EMC and ATEX and the timeline of the entire project. Omexom also connected and tested the entire installation of 33kV cables. This involved the introduction and connection of the medium-voltage cables and the testing of the whole.  Omexom delivered the project turnkey.

The cable terminals used