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Omexom carries out projects and project maintenance in the area of high, medium and low voltage for network owners and operators as well as energy producers, but also for other producers who consume or generate energy themselves. Our projects range from maintenance and renovations to existing primary, secondary and tertiary installations to new installations, connections and commissioning. Read more.


Omexom designs, builds and maintains mobility. In particular for rail infrastructure, but also for other public transport, we offer solutions in the areas of high, medium and low voltage.  For light rail and tramway companies and railway builders, we realise projects for rectifier equipment, power supply systems for light rail and automation and data acquisition for energy supply, among others. But we also carry out electrical installation and wiring work, such as traction cables, third rail, overhead lines and cabling for switches, signals and telecommunications. Read more.

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Omexom designs, builds and maintains systems and networks for enterprises that generate or consume electricity themselves. This includes new construction, modifications or renovations. We also offer customers maintenance and management concepts to measure. Read more.