Successful recertification Level 3 NEN Safety Ladder

All Omexom Business Units have successfully completed the audits  for the Safety Awareness Certificate Level 3. With an almost 100% score the result was even better than the last time. An important step in working healthily and safely.

Angela Sewgolam, Health & Safety Coordinator at Omexom: ‘Safety is an absolute top priority and a requirement in everything we do.’ Omexom is aiming for 0 accidents and 0% occupational illnesses, or Safety Excellence. Angela: ‘Every day employee awareness is decisive in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Employees are putting the bar high and continuously challenge themselves to increase their own safety awareness, as well as that of their colleagues.’

NEN Safety Ladder

One way of strengthening the safety culture is to be certified on the Safety Ladder. This is an independent assessment, whereby insight is acquired into the level of work safety and into the areas where there is room for improving safety conduct. Clients, business relations and partners, too, are increasingly asking for visible investment in a safety culture.

About our Safety Excellence program

Working safely and healthily is a top priority at VINCI Energies and a requirement in everything we do. We aim for 0% accidents and 0% occupational illnesses. As brand of VINCI Energies, we encourage our people to be alert to risky situations and to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.