Omexom to replace remote control of RET’s ABC line

Important step towards uniformity

RET has tasked Omexom with replacing the remote control on the ABC line and connecting it to the central RET Afstandsbediening Tractie SCADA (Remote control traction, ABT) system. This is because the current remote control is obsolete and in need of replacement. An additional benefit of this replacement is that the majority of RET’s metro lines will be on the same system, once the work is complete.


The power supply to all RET lines can be switched on or off remotely. The most important advantage of this is that the remote ensures energy provision remains highly accessible. This then guarantees that the operating company achieves a higher level of availability. Mr Vliegenthart, RET’s Integral system administrator and person responsible for installations, explains: ‘This means that we no longer need a specialist to physically go to locations to disable the power during emergencies, or to turn on the power if the metro is stationary. This will save a significant amount of time.’ The system has been programmed so that it automatically cuts the power in the event of an emergency. That significantly reduces the chances of a bystander being electrocuted if an overhead contact wire is exposed. This brings us to the second major advantage of this system: safety. ‘The remote is not a safety system, but it definitely contributes to the safety of our passengers as well as the area surrounding the locations where RET operates,’ says Vliegenthart. As a result of the ABC line being moved to the same remote control system as the other lines, things will be much more convenient for the RET employees as they will no longer have to use different systems for different lines.

Why Omexom?

‘The simple reason is that we’ve maintained a good partnership with Omexom for the past fourteen years. That’s also why they’ve replaced the old remote control system on all the other lines,’ explains Vliegenhart.


The engineering and design of the panels are complete. Currently, the panels are being replaced at the different locations. The new system for the entirety of the ABC line is expected to be delivered in 2021.

In the picture: Engineers Cees Vooijs and Thang Nguyen working at the Prinsenlaan location in Rotterdam