Omexom Institute is coming to the Netherlands

Training centre for staff working at high-voltage substations ensures safety, quality, and capacity

Omexom has started constructing an Omexom Institute in Assen. Omexom Institute is an international learning network for the energy sector to upgrade skills, inspire people and turn ideas into reality.

This will be our first site in the Netherlands! The training centre for staff working at high-voltage substations includes rooms for both teaching theoretical and practical knowledge and will first be accessible to staff of Omexom, sub-contractors, and students. There is significant demand for a training centre that will increase safety, quality, and capacity for high-voltage substations. In Assen, trainees can use the virtual reality for an immersive safety training, complete their skills with E-learning modules, or attend lessons given by professional instructors.

The training centre offers a number of training courses ranging from basic level to high-voltage expert, and complete training programmes for both mechanical and electrical work. Construction will include making an entire field with controls to propose training relating to all aspects of working in high-voltage substations. Trainees who will be walking into a high-voltage working environment for the first time will be able to practise in a safe environment. Additionally, Trainees who have prior work experience in a high-voltage substation can improve their skills and develop routines regarding work that is not frequent or that they have not yet performed.

The first trainees are attending in this inspiring place in September 2020.

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