VINCI Energies and Omexom

In an ever changing world, VINCI Energies focuses on networks and integration, performance optimisation, energy efficiency and data. We do this in order to accelerate the deployment of new technologies and to support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. Due to their strong regional roots and our flexible organisational structure, our business units provide a strong impetus to the reliability, security and efficiency of energy, transport and communications infrastructures, production facilities and buildings. Important goal: increasing the effectiveness of the processes of our clients, among other ways, by constantly optimising the effectiveness of our own organisation.

In the Netherlands, VINCI Energies operates from business units under the brand names Actemium, Axians, Omexom and VINCI Facilities. These brands are widely specialised. In industrial services, ICT and automation, electricity and networks as well as in the management and maintenance of buildings and installations. They offer advice, design, construction and maintenance in these areas of expertise. Omexom is the Power & Grid brand of VINCI Energies.

They can also work together temporarily or long-term on larger and complex projects or international clients. The business unit structure makes us a robust organisation focused on continuity. In this sense too, we are a sustainable organisation. This allows us to innovate at the local level and to develop new products and services.

The brands make us visible and recognisable in the market. Each brand is good in specific areas: the areas of expertise. Our customers and potential customers know exactly which specific expertise they can expect from our brands. But the brands are also important within and between our network organisations: they create solidarity between colleagues in the same field of expertise and encourage and facilitate national and international exchanges and cooperation. Furthermore, it is increasingly easy for specialists of different brands to find each other in the event a project requires the use of various disciplines.

Worldwide, VINCI Energies, VINCI Construction, VINCI Autoroutes, VINCI Airports and Eurovia form the VINCI group.