Together: Designing and building!

The infrastructure, industrial processes, buildings and projects on which we work often serve the public and the public interest. Therefore, we strive to involve partners, clients, suppliers, the government, local residents and civil society in our projects as early as possible. We want to create support for the implementation of our projects, which requires the close involvement of all stakeholders.

Compliance with ethical principles!

Ethical behaviour is the key to acquiring orders and our customer relationships. Our business units apply our business code of conduct on a global level. We ensure transparency in our own processes and in those of our subcontractors and suppliers.

Promoting green growth!

In the Netherlands, VINCI Energies aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 and supports our clients in their quest for better energy efficiency. We encourage our clients and suppliers to follow our environmentally responsible approach. We ourselves are actively working on reducing CO2 emissions.

Social projects!

All VINCI Energies business units in the Netherlands support the initiative of VINCI Foundation NL to allow for everyone in our society to have its own place, role and dignity. It comes natural to us to consider the society in which we live and work together while we perform our daily operating activities. We want to make it accessible to everyone by offering personal and financial support to organisations that pursue a social and community purpose.

Striving for 100% accident free!

We reject the idea that workplace accidents are inevitable. Our managers feel responsible to ensure the safety and health of employees in their workplace. Our objective is to be completely accident free. We promote a safety culture in which employees and managers openly speak about the safe implementation of operational activities. We encourage our clients to follow our working methods.

Promoting equality and diversity!

Our culture is based on bringing together people with different backgrounds and experience. Our employees all share the same values and experience them over and over every day. We reject all forms of discrimination when hiring temporary staff, in their daily work environment and in the career development of our employees. We encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to follow our example. We encourage the diversification of our group executives, by focusing on women and people of different origins.

Promoting sustainable careers!

We apply a long-term approach to the relationship with our employees. We feel responsible for the promotion of a balanced career and personal development of our employees. Working at VINCI Energies means contributing to our success that makes everyday life easier while working on your own future at the same time. Through training and job rotation, we promote sustainable employability.

Sharing the benefits of our achievements!

Together, our employees are the largest shareholder of VINCI. We share the benefits of our growth with our employees around the world by offering employees access to stock ownership and other appropriate profit sharing arrangements. We ensure that, where possible, each VINCI employee is offered the opportunity to share in our economic success.